Summaries of a selection of nkm projects

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  • LB Barking & Dagenham – Equality impact assessment for the Gascoigne Estate

    In preparation for the planned Gascoigne Estate redevelopment Barking & Dagenham council commissioned Mayhew Harper Associates (MHA) Ltd and ppre Ltd jointly to provide a profile of the estate in comparison with the rest of the council area so as to inform the regeneration plans for the estate.

  • LB Greenwich – Analysis of the unconfirmed population

    MHA Ltd created a database of the confirmed minimum residential population in Greenwich using the nkm methodology. Records that did not conform to nkm inclusion criteria were analysed to understand if they represented a particular sub-population type.

  • LB Hammersmith and Fulham – Community cohesion and diversity

    The aim of this pilot study was to investigate community mixing at primary school and neighbourhood level in Hammersmith & Fulham as a function of diversity.  

  • LB Tower Hamlets – Sight testing services

    MHA Ltd and PHAST undertook a care needs assessment for eye health to inform the ‘Eye Health Strategy’ in Tower Hamlets so as to improve the outcomes and quality of life for people with poor health, taking both health and social needs into consideration.      

  • LB Hackney – The Charedi Population

    MHA Ltd were commissioned to estimate the size of the Hackney Charedi community, a sizeable Jewish Orthodox group to demonstrate profiling distinctive communities in Hackney that otherwise is hidden within aggregate official statistics.    

  • LB Greenwich – Ethnic composition

    MHA Ltd created a database of the confirmed minimum residential population in Greenwich using the nkm methodology, then assigned ethnic group probabilities to each individual, also sourced from administrative data sets to identify smaller groups not on the Census.    

  • UPTAP Research Findings: Using administrative data to estimate the population and applications

    This gives the key findings of our UPTAP research into using administrative data to estimate local populations.

  • LB Newham – Health and Wellbeing

    In 2011 Mayhew Harper Associates Ltd. undertook an analysis of Newham’s population using entirely local administrative data assets based on our nkm methodology. This report is based on a follow up project that is designed to: (a) to show the value and use of local administrative data; (b) demonstrate in a series of cases studies [...]

  • LB Tower Hamlets – Impact of Asthma on Educational Achievement

    Working with the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, MHA Ltd provided data linkage algorithms to link patient, clinical and education data together for children in East London. The study found that social adversity and ethnicity, but not asthma, are associated with poorer performance in national school examinations. Policies to improve educational attainment in [...]