Advice and Expertise

nkm have been trailblazers in the use of administrative data over the last 15 years


And as such we have valuable knowledge on identifying, obtaining, securely sharing and analysing these data, particularly for demographic, service use and health and well-being purposes:

  • data sharing protocol to access and use data within DPA principles
  • algorithm to standardise and match customer addresses to address gazetteer
  • algorithms for data linkage to create single master view of individuals and households across datasets (see Gill Harper at geocreate)

We promote health and well-being through advice, advocacy and expertise on the use of local data assets and state of the art analytical techniques.

I particularly welcome this piece of research which is a collaborative effort between the actuarial profession, public health, academia and primary care. The research presents results based on new data which are analysed in a novel and innovative way. The methods described give us give us new ways of thinking about chronic disease and health care both at the local and national levels

Source: Fiona Adshead, former Deputy Chief Medical Officer (Islington PCT and the Actuarial Profession - The Chronic Disease Burden – An Analysis of Health Risks and Health Care Usage)